Aïda Yuen Wong Served as Jury of the 2022 Hengshan Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism

Aïda Yuen Wong Served as Jury of the 2022 Hengshan Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism
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by Aïda Yuen Wong, Professor of Art History at Brandeis University; Founder and Head of Design of Callimode, an Asian American contemporary jewelry brand specializing in luxury designs to express antiracism in Asian calligraphy. Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry with Recycled Gold and Non-Conflict Diamonds.

The Jury of the 2022 Hengshan Awards Unveiled

The 2022 Hengshan Awards: Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism organized by The Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts (hereinafter referred to as TMoFA) will be open for online submissions from September 15 to September 30. The international jury was announced today. International class experts were invited to judge this year's entries in two categories: Research papers and critique papers. For research papers, TMoFA invited renowned calligraphy scholar Professor Chu Hui-liang, National Palace Museum Researcher He Yanchiuan, Professor Aida Yuen Wong of Brandeis University, Professor Kanno Chiaki of University of Tsukuba, and Professor Hsiao Chong-ray of National Cheng Kung University to serve as judges; for "critique papers", the TMoFA invited Director Li Szu-hsien of Tunghai University, art critic Professor Kao Chien-hui, Doctor Chen Zhongkang at Chinese National Academy of Arts, Professor Kaya Noriko of Nara University of Education, and Professor Hsiung Yi-ching of Huafan University to serve as judges.

Jury for the The 2022 Hengshan Awards: Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism

Among the judges of research papers in this year's Hengshan Awards, Professor Chu Hui-liang is a renowned senior art history scholar, and has contributed greatly to the research of calligraphy history; Professor Aida Yuen Wong specializes in modern East Asian art history, and has published many books on the modern calligraphy art history across various East Asian countries; Researcher He Yanchiuan curated numerous important calligraphy exhibitions of the National Palace Museum, served as editor-in-chief of the monographs, and in recent years, has focused on researching material culture in calligraphy history; Professor Kanno Chiaki conducts research on modern calligraphy development and exchanges between China and Japan, and focuses on the interactions, comparisons, and interpretations of calligraphy between regions; Professor Hsiao Chong-ray is an important scholar of Taiwanese art history, and is concerned with the development of Taiwanese calligraphy history. The participating judges are concerned with diverse aspects of calligraphy art research, hoping to stimulate the research potential of submitters.

As for the judges of critique papers, Director Li Szu-hsien has been dedicated to modern and contemporary calligraphy art criticism and theory building over many years, and has presented many important calligraphy commentaries; Professor Kao Chien-hui is focused on modern and contemporary art exhibition commentary, as well as the analysis of modern East Asian art development trends; Doctor Chen Zhongkang values the development of classical calligraphy in contemporary society, and is devoted to reinterpreting calligraphy models; Professor Kaya Noriko conducts research centered on Japanese calligraphy which is influenced by the concepts of modern European art, and analyzes the beauty of calligraphy with art theory; Professor Hsiung Yi-ching is an expert in art collecting, media, exhibitions, and the art market, and is concerned with the latest developments of calligraphy art. The TMoFA hopes that a jury with diverse perspectives can encourage researchers and anyone who is interested in submitting entries to provide in-depth commentary on the environment, phenomena, creation, or development of contemporary calligraphy.

The 2022 Hengshan Awards: Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism aims to discover and cultivate talented calligraphy researchers and critics to conduct research and provide critique on contemporary calligraphy, focusing on its locality and internationality, tradition and innovation, and theory and practice. The Hengshan Award for Calligraphy Research is NT$150,000, and the Merit Award is NT$30,000; the Hengshan Award for Calligraphy Criticism is NT$100,000, and the Merit Award is NT$20,000. An award ceremony will be held for the winners, and the winning entries will be published by the Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center.

TMoFA Acting Director Li-chuan Wang hopes that with the international and academic perspectives of the judging panel, this year's Hengshan Awards can spur the production of art knowledge and establishment of art theory, and vitalize contemporary calligraphy research and art criticism.

This year's Hengshan Awards accepts manuscripts written within the past three years which have never been published or received grants/awards. Those interested can submit to both categories (research papers and critique papers) simultaneously. Researchers and anyone who is concerned with calligraphy art, regardless of nationality, place of residence, or age, are welcome to participate, enhancing the diversity of calligraphy history research and criticism, and promoting the discussion, research, and criticism of calligraphy art.

2022 Hengshan Awards: Biennial Awards for Calligraphy Research and Criticism

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